Chris Wyer, (digital) creative director, lecturer and author from Zurich. Interdisciplinary and agile work, high-quality networking, always interested and motivated by ambitious challenges on both the strategic and practical level.

Bring on your challenge.

Clients: Credit Suisse, AXPO, Victorinox, PwC, SBB, DENZ, ETH, ZHW, ZHdK, Mercedes Benz, Guess, Guerlain, Nose, FrickNaefzBieri, The W.I.R.E., ClearChannel, JTI, OrellFüssli, Clouds


we create you love.

After years of co-operation, Chris Wyer and Harun Dogan founded the RAWCUT Design Studio as a Boutique Agency for Excellence in Creativity, Branding and Design in 2008.

Today, 9 years later, the RAWCUT Design Studio has established itself as one of the leading studios within the Swiss creative scene and has successfully positioned itself beyond the national borders thanks to its edgy and successful work. Our goal continues to be: We create, you love.



«Analog aries stories. Digital they grow»

15 years of experience in creating digital applications form the basis for Chris Wyer’s work today. After graduating with a B.A. (Hons) in New Media in 2004 he has continually been working on various project as a digital (lead) designer in the areas of UI-,UX- and IA for clients such as Credit Suisse, Axpo, PwC, Sympany, Victorinox, and many more.

A Master in Design (Trends/Innovation) forms the basis for his professional Design Thinking, which has become an important prerequisite in the development of state-of-the art digital solutions. Agile development within an international team is part of his daily business.


«Explore the future playful strategically»

To discover the future in playful and strategic ways – based on cards with 50 megatrends in society, technology, economy, environment and politics.

The Game of the Future acts as a tool for business as well as personal planning towards the future. The 50 trends and drivers allow you to create scenarios for the future as well as trend rooms, or simply help develop a sense for changes in the near future that affect your plans and goals.



«Brings style and smile»

Chris Wyer is the inventor of Pocket Friends – The Original – a cheeky Swiss fashion accessory which leads to smiles, discussions and, of course, better style.


«Plea for investment strategies that promise long-term quality of life and happiness.»

A summary pitch, written by Chris Wyer, about values, investments and yields, the drivers of the future and the pursuit of happiness in a world full of big data and economics, where numbers are fetishes and markets are volatile.

On 100 richly illustrated pages you will find an entertaining and inspiring read about how to find yields that promise more than just the value of a number.



«Yesterday’s answers do not cope
with today’s questions anymore.»

Overcrowding of habitat brings increasingly more new requirements to increasingly less public space. These complex standards require new, forward-thinking strategies in urban planning. These strategies on the one hand shall create appropriate and desirable attractive spaces for the townscape and on the other hand it shall be avoided to develop further fearcausing public spaces.
AMBIENT GUIDANCE exemplifies to evaluate the main questions and influences and defines necessary expertise to avoid influences as fear, uncertainty and dread in future.



concept art publication for adults. It´s the first book that completely dissolves in smoke after pleasure.

The first run is a limited art edition including 12 street and fine art artists like ATA „TOAST“ BOZACI,
BOMBER, CHRIS WYER, CLINE, FAFA, GINA GRAWS, LAIN, FABIAN STACOFF, NOEMI ANSER, OIBEL 1, SOUP, SUKI BAMBOOThe16-page booklet is perforated throughout and printed on natural,untreated 160gr./Paper.

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